Stop an argument with 4 powerful steps while being neutral

This is well thought out. Great article. Not sure where this author stands Biblically, but I would add, that to truly remain impartial, we need to carefully weigh both sides against an objective standard, which for me, as a Christian leader, is always the Bible, the Word of God.



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Walking down the path of impartialness can be very tough, especially when you’re forced to take sides in an argument or conflict. Ever been in a situation where both your friends are debating over a serious issue, before asking for your opinion?

Most of us end up siding with one over the other, and someone’s bound to end up feeling hurt and alone from this. Like it or not, we are constantly faced with situations where we are the middle person in a vicious standoff. And to emerge from it unscathed is a rare occasion.

What can we do from our side, in order to improve such odds?

Listen to both sides of the argument


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It’s self explanatory, though how can you be diplomatic and solve both party’s issues without first listening to their concerns? I have met far too many people who don’t…

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