A Cry for America

At a prayer meeting some time ago, I had a thought come back to my remembrance, of a similar gathering some years ago, at La Vie Abundant, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, as we stood in the gap in intercession for Quebec to remain part of Canada, when they were determined to leave, and join France. We prayed all night, and the political vote went 51/49% the next day, in favor of them staying, and the premier of Quebec was struck down with a flesh eating cancer, whereby his leg was amputated. The Word of the Lord came in another meeting, where we were praying for his healing, ‘So you want to remove one of my legs (Quebec)?” We knew this was the judgement of God, and a fearful thing.
Canada flag international

Canada then got a Prime Minister claiming to be Christian, and who radically supported Israel! (Stephen Harper) The sense I had in that meeting that these are solemn times, for the United States of America, that leaders who will not repent of their godless agendas will be either removed, or struck down as a sign and a wonder to bring the fear of the Lord back to America.
obey seek first

There has been a prophecy for some years that Canada, and the maple leaf that symbolizes our country, would be as the leaves of the tree bringing healing to the nations. I am one of those leaves, sent here to bring healing to the United States of America, through violent faith, and intense intercession before God on behalf of this great land.
Tremendous sense of destiny and responsibility, to whom much is given, much is required, but I am well able to possess the land, and see the glory of God again revealed in this great country. For generations, America has been one of the greatest missionary sending nations on the planet. Now, in her hour of spiritual peril, her harvest is beginning to manifest, as missionaries are hearing from heaven, and coming here to preach the gospel, and to help stem the flood of wickedness attempting to defile and destroy this great bastion of freedom to the earth. As always, the gates of hell shall not prevail against us, the blood bought army of the living, loving, Almighty God. Everywhere we set our foot to tread, shall become holy ground! Eze 22:30 And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.
stand in the gap1

This was the word in Ezekiel’s day, but not today. The Lord has found many to stand in the gap, a great company of victorious saints and brokenhearted intercessors, determined to see America restored to her birthright and heavenly calling. I am honored to take my place among you. If you are willing to be a part, and bow your knee before Jesus, and allow Him to break your heart, with the things that break His, simply comment upon this post and I believe the fire of God shut up in my bones will cause a savage in-breaking of His love to manifest in your life, for does He not make His ministers a flame of fire? Get so on fire for Jesus, that people come to watch you burn!

Let’s Pray:

‘Do it again Father! Light a fire of Your presence and passion inside of my soul. Ignite me Jesus with fresh Holy Spirit fire and zeal for Your kingdom! Amen’

Author: chrisaomministries

Chris Walsh is a missionary, the President of AOMMinistries. This blog now reaches over 100,000 people each day! Chris is the author of three books: Parable of the Sower, Worship - Not Just a Song, and now 'Welcome to the Grand Illusion, a prophetic prayer strategy to take America back!' The Walsh family has completed over 20 missions trips since April 2014, and is committed to bringing the Word of God to the nations, by every available media.

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